Year in Review

<i>Compliled by Assistant News Editor Yvonne Schindler and Advertising Manager Chris Cronin from stories by Haley Clark, Tom Eloph, Laura Onstot, Blake Raney, Aubrey Reagen, Lisa Reitmeier, Yvonne Schindler, Jeff Walton and Thomas F. Warton.</i> <i>Photos by Saul Renderfrance, Korin Fowler, and Megan Hitz</i> <h2>Provost Murphy departs</h2> On Dec. 15, former Provost Bruce Murphy left […]

Year in Review

<img src="/images/photos00/2001-05-30/crew-womens-1.jpg" width="200" alt="" /> The women’s crew team repeated their accomplishment of last year by bringing home a national title in the varsity women’s four division. The team took the title on the same course used in the 1996 Olympics. Photo by Christina Jung <hr /> <img src="/images/photos00/2001-05-30/vb.jpg" width="200" alt="" /> The women’s volleyball […]

The way I See It

The fun part of spring quarter your senior year is that you’re graduating. The depressing part of that quarter is that you’re graduating. As much as I’ve complained about the communist rules of SPU, it has grown on me like athletes’ foot, and I’m going to miss this place. Things will be different now that […]

Winning streak extended

The Mariners started their longest home stand of the year with a 3-2 win over the Baltimore Orioles last night thanks to the bat and glove of right fielder Ichiro Suzuki. It was the Mariners sixth consecutive win coming off of a win over Minnesota and four-game sweep of Kansas City. Seattle’s record of 38-12 […]

5th Hill takes intramural championship

The Fifth Hill intramural teams captured the rare triple crown this season, winning the women’s, men’s and coed divisions. "This year has been really great playing sports with the guys. It’s one of the few teams in SPU history that has done this," said Fifth Hill intramural representative Jared Lemmon. The floor did not lead […]

Six SPU women go to nationals

Despite a good showing at nationals, a sense of disappointment filled the women’s track and field team. The team went to Southern Illinois last weekend for the Division II national championships. The ninth-place team finish was the best showing that the team has had in the last eight years. Junior middle distance runner Rachel Ross […]

Flashy ‘Moulin Rouge’ marred by predictable story

Those who thought the traditional musical was dead are right. Recent attempts to revive this historic genre have been met with mixed reviews (Lars Von Trier’s not-so-traditional "Dancer in the Dark"). Though effective in re-creating a musical drama palatable for the average college student, it is likely that director Baz Luhrmann’s "Moulin Rouge" will be […]


When I finally got around to viewing "The Black Cauldron" on video–over 13 years after its original release–I was a bit disappointed. The film had been Disney’s effort to cater to teens, sans sing-alongs and replete with a PG rating. I didn’t get to see it the first time because Mom thought the Horned King […]