Is graduation your goal?

If you have visited the Academic April home page on the Web (, you have seen the catchy title: "Our Goal is Your Graduation." This electronic catchphrase echoes the header on the Academic April posters around campus: "Earning Your Degree on Time." The university assumes that you want to earn a bachelor’s degree in a […]

100 Things to like in the world

For all the gushy sentimentality that inevitably accompanies it, spring truly is a rather pleasant time. The recent weather we’ve been having is enough to make me want to thank God for the chance to live on this planet which, even though we are slowly destroying it, can be unbelievably beautiful sometimes. Spring and sunny […]

Vote for good reasons or don’t vote

Feelings about ASSP elections don’t count as firm convictions. At least that’s what my professor told me nearly a month ago when I complained about the excessive regulation of ASSP elections on an assignment about firm convictions. I know firsthand now what I previously believed from a distance, for a fortnight ago I was the […]

Earth ‘Day’ is not enough

I am not an environmentalist. The last tree I hugged landed curbside, just days after Christmas. The "I Love Animals. They Taste Great" bumper sticker cracks me up every time I walk behind my car. My house has been firebombed by PETA, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and the Audobon Society. All my best furs are […]

Staff Editorials

Ever since SPU has had multiple dormitories, there have been certain reputations to accompany them. This phenomenon is perhaps self-perpetuating, as students hear of a dorm’s reputation that they believe fits them and then request to live in that dorm. Or perhaps it is mere coincidence that certain people who match a residence hall’s profile […]

The way I See It

This season is not starting out well for baseball. With the ongoing labor negotiations in baseball and the looming threat of a strike, baseball needs things to be different than they currently stand. The Minnesota Twins have the lowest payroll in baseball at $24.4 million but have the best record in baseball at 14-3. The […]