Intramural Corner

Two Intramural basketball teams picked up convincing wins in their championship games Tuesday night in Brougham Pavilion. The first game of the doubleheader featured a dominating performance by Third West Ashton as they defeated the off-campus team Chicken Lips 53-26 in the championship game. The teams traded baskets in the opening minute of the game, […]

Falcon newspaper: divide and Conker

As regular readers know, The Falcon recently ran an ad which a lot of people think should not have appeared in our paper. The offending ad for a Nintendo game called "Conker’s Bad Fur Day" featured an implicit reference to binge drinking and promoted a video game with "animated violence, mature sexual themes and strong […]

PR lifestyle conceals the true self

Men and women mingle together in a clean, well-lit room. Pleasant music plays in the background. A friendly voice invites viewers to visit one of the store’s five locations. It’s a porn shop. I saw an advertisement for this Salem-area chain over Christmas break and marveled that an adult-oriented establishment (forgive the euphemism) would dare […]

Losing part of SPU’s heart

"This world is not my home, I’m just a’passing through," the old hymn says. As four-year students, it’s easy for us to pass through this campus without really getting to know the place. Seattle Pacific University, founded in 1891, brims with history, but who wants to take the time to look up Demaray’s biography, read […]

Staff Editorials

It’s been a long quarter. Together we have endured rain, snow, too many projects, too many papers, too much reading and an earthquake. It goes without saying that Spring Break will be much welcomed. During this week, many of us will seek out warmer places, visit friends and family, go to Mexico and get silly […]