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The bustle and noise of our busy lives do not cease. Despite tragedy and mass death, while relief workers press their ears against rubble to detect signs of life, we are often without pause. As survivors of the India quake mourn their loss and even grieve their own survival, we are left not knowing quite what to do or just what to think of such a terrible event.

It is fairly common to hold tragedy in far-off places away from ourselves, as we may be too far removed to be affected. Let us not become callused in the midst of sad or disturbing reports on the evening news. We must allow ourselves to be affected by such tragedies in an effort to reflect on and pray for our neighbors in need.

But how do we logistically acknowledge but not dwell on tragedies we can do little to solve?

Maybe we allow a moment of silence as we quickly glance over the morning newspaper to read the latest death toll. Maybe we close our eyes and remember those who have died, those who are still trapped in buildings and those who have lost family, friends and fellow countrymen. Or maybe on our way to school and work, we turn down our favorite CD to insist upon a time of prayer and a moment of reflection.

Perhaps we relate more to the terrible plane crash that killed two Oklahoma State University basketball players and eight other members of the team’s traveling party. Does this tragedy seem more real to us, more painful because we can sympathize more with members of our own peer group and company?

Our age or location do not matter. We all inhabit this earth, we are all the same in our frailty, and we must reflect on our place in humanity and embrace our hurting neighbors, making their pain our own.

Christ’s call for us to mourn with those who mourn may be for a time such as this.

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