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In spite of the bustle of Thanksgiving travels, students, faculty and staff filled the seats of First Free Methodist Church to give thanks and pray for those among us who are in need. Last Tuesday’s Thanksgiving chapel was a tangible display of what this community should be all about. There is perhaps no greater sign of a strong community than to have members gathering together for prayer and thanksgiving.

There are many among us who have special need of our prayers as they combat cancer. As those who have been touched by their lives, we have the opportunity to support our friends during this difficult time. Sometimes it may be hard to know what to say or how to respond to the fact that our friends are ill. And sometimes it is hard to make sense of why anyone would ever have to go through this.

However, we can take comfort in knowing that the God that we serve is stronger than cancer and is able to heal any affliction.

In extending prayer for our brothers and sisters we come to understand that this is what Christ’s love is all about. This act of intercession for loved ones in need is one of the most powerful gifts we can give this season.

We can talk about loving one another and by all appearances live the Christian life. But without action, this means nothing. When we surround each another with prayer and support, we truly build and demonstrate the community of which we so frequently speak.

Let us continually pray that God extend healing, strength and rich blessing to these members of our community. May we remember them during the holidays and long afterward.

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