Reasons to choose E-commerce

Web shopping is likely to have been a new phenomenon for most of us during our freshman year. By the time we are sophomores it is probable that we used e-commerce to have movies delivered in under an hour. And before we knew it, e-shopping became first nature.

As dot-com sites continue to prosper, the consumer can’t help but turn their attention to how far our society will go into the age of digital shopping. At one time shopping over the Internet seemed restricted to certain groups. People who lacked a computer and an Internet connection could not experiment with e-commerce. Many dot-com sites were limited in catering for mixed audiences. The Web has evolved, now information and products to suit any enthusiast are readily available.

We have reached a peak in our reliance on the Web. Once considered a luxury, the Internet is now wired to over 60 percent U.S. homes. Within just five years, many companies have transitioned from experimentation with e-commerce into utilizing it as a powerful resource for income.

Buying through e-companies has never been so easy. Not only do I challenge you to try what is destined to become a first-nature shopping experience, your neighbors do as well.

1. E-shopping saves time.

Junior Brian Mansell says, "When I went shopping for my stereo I checked out a few local stores, and it took me about 3 hours; when I went to the Internet I found what I wanted within 45 minutes."

2. It’s easy to hunt down rare or imported items.

"I went everywhere!" says sophomore Becca Strong. "Freddies, the mall, just any shopping place in general, looking through everything for an orange (tango) faceplate for my cell phone. I went to the Internet and found the exact faceplate I wanted within a few minutes."

3. It’s easier to multitask.

Senior Sara Shough says, "I was at my apartment in the middle of writing papers, cooking, talking with my roommates, and I was able to shop for a few essentials over the Internet at the same time. There is no way I could have accomplished so much in so little time by going to a store."

4. Shops and services can be more specialized.

"People take more time to specialize in what they are selling," freshman Gwen Thomas says. "They are selling something that was theirs (in Internet auctions), instead of something that was back-stock in a warehouse."

5. Credit and debit cards are easily accepted.

Freshman Fiona Sorter says, "When I bought shoes online I was able to use my parents’ credit card. Sometimes regular stores in a shopping mall won’t accept anyone else’s credit card, even your parents."

6. You can be rewarded through promotions.

"I shopped online at J. Crew," says Becky Trautman. "They had a special promotion over the Internet which gave you $20 off if you spent $100. When I received the order in the mail there was an additional coupon, which allowed me save again."

7. Airline tickets are cheaper.

Cherie VantHof says, " By using the Internet I was able to make my flight decisions on my own within a matter of minutes. I got a flight confirmation letter in the mail a few days later and saved money by getting an e-ticket instead of paying a service charge for the normal tickets."

8. Items can be brought to the door in under an hour.

"I don’t have a car," sophomore Anu Ludra says. "I always need to find a ride to pick out a movie and to return it. With Kozmo I can order it at any time of the day and have it delivered during whatever time is most convenient for me."

The ways that the Internet helps us to shop and save will continue to multiply. I encourage you to ask your neighbor how e-commerce has worked for them. I am sure anyone who has benefited from shopping "the online economy" will be happy to share their success stories.

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