News Briefs

Banf Mountain Film Festival Tomorrow and Friday the Seattle Mountaineers are hosting a showing of outdoor cinematography at the Banf Mountain Film Festival. This event has been made available to SPU students by the SPU Outdoor Club. Tickets can be purchased at Uni-Com for $5. For more information, e-mail the Outdoor Club at Tradition […]

SPU sued by neighbor

Convinced that most of the traffic on his street is caused by SPU-bound cars, a Queen Anne resident has decided to take legal action against the university. John R. Jones maintains that cars are using West Raye Street — his street of residence — to cut through from Aurora to get to SPU. Jones, an […]

Revolt for your own good

Pro-number or non-number? That is the squabble brewing between members of the American Political Science Association over which research approach they should favor, quantitative (mathematical techniques) or qualitative (history and culture). Hundreds of non-number, qualitative "Internet guerillas" have been "fomenting revolt" via e-mail for the past month about the bias against their approach in the […]

Patience lost in the mail

It is a little known fact, but when I get angry my ears turn bright red and radiate warmth not unlike the fiery depths of hell. Few circumstances evoke this manifestation of passion; seldom will I be so thoroughly perturbed. Recently there has been — to my great discomfort and personal angst — a consistent […]

Remembering to give thanks

Previous to thorough digestion of the sacrificial bird, shoppers will flood the streets and stores in a disgusting display of materialism. Football will be the main attraction, though it is the first time the family has gathered in almost a year. I will shamelessly gorge myself and inconspicuously excuse myself from the table to change […]