A&E Calendar

Today "What’s love got to do with it?" Watch Tina Turner strut her stuff and display her remarkable talent at the Key Arena at Seattle Center at 7:30 p.m. Target presents the legend’s Twenty-Four Seven Tour. Prices range from $35.25 to $79.25 and may be purchased through Ticketmaster at (206) 628-0888. Thursday Pianist Henry Butler […]

Unconventional Christmas

Christmas: a time of celebration, family, good will toward others and electronic renditions of your favorite carols courtesy of Mannheim Steamroller. Seriously, is there any family that doesn’t own at least one of their albums? They’re pretty enjoyable — for about the first 15 or 20 Christmases in a person’s life. The holiday season is […]

The Other Toy Story

At the trill of a flute, two mice emerge from the darkness and make themselves at home in the Stahlbaum family drawing room. A Chinese tiger and its attendants spin around a lantern-lit room and furious mice wage war with scimitars and cannons. And it happens every year. As it has since its debut in […]

Christian stewards

The Environmental Stewardship Club is one of SPU’s newest ASSP-approved clubs. The intent of the club, according to Vice President Nathan Brouwer, is to "promote environmental stewardship, appreciation and awareness in the SPU community" in a positive way and "develop a culture of environmental awareness" on campus. Club meetings take place weekly and usually feature […]