Third endeavor a charm

<i>Foo Fighters: There is Nothing Left to Loose</i> Foo Fighters fans beware of what is headed to your local Cd shop this November 2nd. The release of the bands third album, "There Is Nothing Left To Loose" is drawing massive attention to music maniacs everywhere. The band is notorius for small-town, garage sounds, who leave […]

Help Me! Harlan

Dear Harlan, I love my boyfriend, but he is gutless when it comes to his best friend. His friend says he doesn’t like me because I’m 19 years old and "immature." My boyfriend is 23 and his friend is 24. His friend doesn’t even know me as a person only as his friend’s "underage girlfriend." […]

Searching for a spiritual home

The quarter is rolling and you’re already cheating on the chapel program. Consequently, many of you may be experiencing a spiritual drought and are looking for something to satiate your thirst. Spiritual enlightment might be waiting for you at one of Seattles many local churches. In a city where one could visit a different church […]

Credit card companies not welcome

The credit card companies have struck again, leaving their tell-tale trails of bright, attractive posters, showing bright, attractive people offering students bright, attractive deals–and this despite all SPU can do to prevent credit card solicitation on campus. "I probably pick up about 25 (credit card posters) a week" said Unicom manager Derrick Woodward. So what’s […]

‘It was just bad luck’

Petar Turcinovic, Campus Dining Services executive chef, suffers from migraine headaches every other day on average. Occasionally, his right eye will become blurry for 10 to 15-minute periods. This is because Turcinovic’s right retina is bruised, an injury he obtained over seven months ago when an apple struck his eye during a food fight in […]


In the Oct. 20 article of the Falcon, entitled, "Meal tickets for professors not students," it was incorrectly stated that only faculty and staff are now allowed to pick up the tickets for same-day use. However, either the faculty, staff or student may pick up the meal ticket. The Falcon regrets the error. In the […]

Off the Wire

CDC recommends meningitis vaccine for college students (U-WIRE) — The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has declared a change in its vaccination guidelines to include more vaccinations for preventing meningitis on college campuses. The CDC now encourages college campuses to educate students about the potentially fatal bacterial meningitis and supply students with the polysaccaride meningococca […]

News Briefs

Famous Author Visits SPU Ron Sider, author of "Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger," is on campus this week. He will be speaking today in both the Faith Learning Forum at 4 p.m in the Library seminar room and later tonight at GROUP. He will also speak in chapel tomorrow. Hunger Awareness Forum Friday […]