Live Long

11:30 P.M.

Here at SPU, a typical college student lingers amidst an unmade bed and half-empty Coke cans. She peers anxiously through the muddled window, and suddenly, there he is. Scrambling through the clutter for her keys, she bolts downstairs to greet this much awaited guest.

As she returns to the room, an obnoxious prick of conscience taunts her–she’d skipped that work out again. A magazine depicting a cellulite-free Julia Roberts alongside her steroid pumped trophy is shoved aside in favor of the contents of this enticing box. A box, which when opened, looses the distinct aroma of warm soft dough, dressed with thick sauce and clad in layers of melted cheese and pepperoni.

Ahh…the college life. In between papers and bone-head jobs, Ally McBeal beckons, there’s another relationship to analyze, and we’re enticed by late night Dick’s runs. Exercise?! The very word causes the brain to glaze over and immediately recall every pathetic excuse out there.

If strapping on tennis shoes and tearing around the track sounds like less fun than the dentist, not to fear. Exchange that pizza for some carrot sticks, and check out these fun alternatives.

In-Line Skating

<img src="/images/photos99/1999-10-27/Rollerblades.jpg" width="100" align="right" alt="" />We have a frustrated ice skater to thank for developing in-line skating as a means for cross training during summer months. The skates are an initial investment, but from then on, it’s free fun. This workout provides the perfect change of pace from an afternoon glued to books. You’ll come away with all the benefits of a cardio workout, but save your knees some grief.

Make a day of it and catch the Burke Giliman Trail across the Freemont Bridge, which will take you past Gasworks and spit you out right in the heart of the U-District. Be sure to check the weather report because skating in the rain causes serious dilemnas. Wear those pads, especially if you’re just learning. Everyone falls victim to the occasional mishap.

What you’ll need:

Rollerblades, elbow and wrist pads, helmet

Where to Go:

Burke Giliman Trail (head over the Fremont Bridge and turn right)


It’s relaxing, cheap and one of the best workouts out there is; so I’ve been told in various attempts to persuade me to rise at 5:45 a.m. and head down to the Queen Anne Pool. Swim passes are generally $2.50 per swim, but ASSP offers five for $5.

Swimming stimulates heart and blood vessels, and builds strength and stamina without using the body as a shock absorber. It’s a great option for early risers looking for a before-class routine. If that doesn’t lure you, the attractive head-wear should.

What You’ll Need:

Bathing suit, Swim cap (sold at pool) , Goggles (sold at pool)

Where To Go:

Queen Anne Pool, 1920 First Avenue West, 386-4282

Kick Boxing

<img src="/images/photos99/1999-10-27/Boxing.jpg" width="100" align="right" alt="" />Pump up the music and get ready for a high energy, calorie-blasting workout. Fast-paced explosive kicks might leave you feeling somewhat inadequate in the coordination department, but over time you’ll see improved flexibility and balance.

Round up a few friends and jog across the street to Lee’s Martial Arts Academy and learn from the pros. Check out the class for a drop-in fee of $6 or obtain a 10 class punch card for $50. A little steep, but the killer workout is worth the extra cash.

Of course, if you would rather not fork out additional funds, bond with Tae-Boe and the big screen as Billy Blanks encourages you from beneath his massive form to "reach inside yourself." Be sure to recruit a friend for this one because it’s a challenge to stick with it alone.

What You’ll Need:

Lots of energy

Where To Go:

Lee’s Martial Arts Academy – 283-2878

<a href=""></a>

<img src="/images/photos99/1999-10-27/Tennis.jpg" width="100" align="right" alt="" />Tennis

If you’ve never figured out this life sport, take a swing at it. Tennis provides the perfect atmosphere to catch up with friends, reconcile debates on the court, or vent frustrations at a little green ball which might otherwise be directed at your roommate.

Tennis will both improves flexibility and stamina as well as tone the thighs and back.

What You’ll Need:

White-soled tennis shoes, Tennis racket, Tennis balls, A partner

Where To Go:

Green Lake Courts, Queen Anne Bowl across from Robbins Hall

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