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The verdict is in for the ACLU case concerning equal opportunity grants, and students have lost. Not the state of Washington, not the 10 schools named in the lawsuit, but students.

This verdict could set a precedent for the removal of all state funding from students who wish to attend private educational institutions. It is unfortunate in the case of the Equal Opportunity Grants that those who have the most need will lose out.

Private universities will still be around even if all state funding is stripped away.

The only difference is that private institutions will be populated by either those students who come from wealthy backgrounds and don’t need help from the state or by those who are willing to get high interest loans from private banks. If you don’t think that state funding affects you, keep in mind work study, need grants, and even indirect funding which goes to the university.

The Falcon believes that students deserve the right to choose the school they attend when getting an education. If students feel that they can best learn at a private university, they should not be forced by the state to do otherwise because of financial coercion. Additionally, we note that there is a big difference between a private school receiving state money and delegating where it goes, as opposed to students receiving money from the state and deciding its destination.

Time and again, the ACLU has championed the rights of others in the name of choice. Let’s challenge them for taking on our freedom to choose as students.

If we don’t, forget about choice for all — if the ACLU wants to cut off grants which are awarded solely to placebound low-income students, who will be next to have their funding cut?

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