SPU seeks to balance gender ratio

As you flipped through the pages of the new viewbook from admissions, you probably missed the changes. But we’re not talking about the new pictures. We’re talking about … the accent colors? Fuschia was changed to burgundy, bright yellow to a deep goldenrod, blue got a smidge darker, and forest green and olive green were […]

Pre-med students rise to the challenge

Seattle Pacific University’s pre-medical program maintains a 70 to 80 percent medical school acceptance rate. When counting SPU’s best pre-med students, that figure rises to 95 percent plus, according to Dr. Cynthia Fitch, a biology professor who advises the pre-med program. This is in contrast to a national acceptance rate of one in six, and […]

Finalists selected

Two finalists have been selected for the new position of Associate Provost and Dean of Student Life. The candidates who have surfaced as finalists for this position are Kathleen Braden, professor of geography at SPU, and Paul Kress, a Christian educator in the Seattle area. Braden and Kress were chosen last week by a selection […]

Spouse Potential University

Junior Laura Nielsen had been dating senior Mayson Morrissey for two months when her friends began to ask her when they would get married. "They want you to be happy, so they almost try to push you into what they think the right thing would be," Nielsen said. Nielsen and Morrissey are now engaged and […]