Helping the deaf to learn

Imagine sitting in your classroom, on the first day of a new quarter, and out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of a woman typing on what appears to be a miniature typewriter. You also notice the incredibly quick rate at which she is typing. Then you see that the words […]

School of Education revamps program

Requirements in the Seattle Pacific University School of Education will change next fall for students that are preparing to teach, possibly causing some to not graduate on time. This is most likely for students who do not start planning early enough, are not sure of their major, or arrive at SPU as transfer students, according […]

New track coach named

Every great coach started off as a great athlete. Every great coach became a great assistant coach at some point in their career. And every great coach learned how to both be a superb athlete and a successful assistant coach from nothing less than a master of their respective sport. Given the requirements, Jack Hoyt […]

Judge expects to be overruled

Students who currently receive the state Equal Opportunity Grant (EOG) are not in danger of losing their grant money for the 1999-2000 school year. Thurston County Superior Court Judge Daniel Berschauer refused to stop the state from disbursing money to students, in spite of his ruling last week that payments to students at private, religious […]

Beef: It’s not for dinner

I remember when I was young I used to catch those bugs that look like giant mosquitoes — we called them "mosquito eaters" because we thought they ate mosquitoes. We would catch them and torture them. Throwing them into a spider web was fun. We got to watch the spider pounce, wrap its victim and […]

Staff Editorials

Wednesday, May 19, to be known as "the day class attendance died" is upon us. It’s not often the The Falcon gazes into its crystal ball (we generally keep it under wraps since it implies pagan influence) but we’d like to look forward to what we might learn this week as we skip class for […]