A misunderstood minority

A Washington Indian reservation which is home to 2,400 Makah Indians managed to stay under the radar of mainstream media for most of its existence, until this past week. The controversy surrounding the whale hunt has found its way into classrooms and cadres here at SPU where only one percent of students identify themselves as […]

A children’s opera for all ages

Little Red Riding Hood, an hour-long children’s opera, skipped into the SPU studio theatre yesterday. Suzanna Haan, who plays Little Red Riding Hood, feels that this story, while written for a younger audience, holds appeal for all ages. "The children enjoy the basic story," she said. "But I think a lot of the humor can […]

The latest from diverse bands

Ben Folds Five "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner" 550 Music/Sony If Ben Folds Five previous release "Whatever and Ever Amen" was a mountain of catchy pop dreams, then call "Reinhold Messner" a beautiful valley of thought-provoking ballads. "Narcolepsy," the first cut, seems to be a lullaby written by and for someone who just cannot […]

Massive ‘Menace’

It’s been 16 years since George Lucas gave us a new chapter in his Star Wars saga. Many fans have spent those years in agonizing frustration, praying for the day when Lucas would once again invite us back to the massive universe in his head. Now the wait is over, and with The Phantom Menace, […]

Campus Security Blotter

Ashton Fire Alarm On May 15, the fire alarm went off in Ashton Hall at 4:51 a.m. The Seattle Fire Department was called immediately, but no signs of smoke or fire were found in the building. Malicious mischief and vandalism On May 16, a person unaffiliated with SPU broke an on-campus window. A security officer […]

Campus Briefs

Student Digest virus A virus was accidentally sent out yesterday through an SPU Student Digest. The computer used in sending out the email was infected with the "Happy99" virus. If you recieved the email with "happy99.exe" as an attachment, do not open the attachment; delete the message immediately. If you opened the attachment, your computer […]

Cheer squad to be re-evaluated

Seattle Pacific University Athletic Director, Tom Box is in the process of deciding whether to revamp SPU’s cheer program. But SPU’s cheer team members disagree with Box’s proposal. "I could understand some of his points and concerns, but I don’t think his solution is feasible," sophomore cheer member Allison Klune said. While SPU’s cheer team […]

Science takes new look

Graduating seniors may not recognize the Seattle Pacific University campus when they return for their 10-year reunion in 2009. They will see a new cafeteria, a new residence hall and a new science building. The new science building is the third in line of three large building projects for the SPU campus; the first being […]