Is SPU evangelical?

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Is SPU evangelical?

SPU most definitely does not proselytize. While it is "decidedly Christian," it is also decidedly not a mission department. SPU presents a variety of values, views and manners of looking at life, but does not have an end goal of conversion. Of course, the faculty and staff may desire that people become Christians, but does […]

Is SPU evangelical?

Decidedly academic. Distinctly Christian. Definitely Northwest. SPU in a nutshell. And the ACLU is hovering like a starving squirrel. The lawsuit brought against SPU and nine other schools by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) concerns the separation of church and state that was dictated in the Constitution. In simpler terms, the ACLU feels that […]

Learning from Senior experience

We are the elders of SPU. As freshmen, we were welcomed with open arms by SPU president Woody Self, in the first year of "metal" meal plans, the "new" library and Subway on campus. We witnessed an earthquake, fire alarms, Dan Randall rollerblading after floor hours, Paul Assink reminding us to clean our plates in […]

Peace is never simple

If there is any message that the Israeli voters sent last Thursday when they overwhelmingly elected Ehud Barak of the Labor party as their Prime Minister, it is, in the words of columnist Thomas L. Friedman, "get on with it already." Under Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu, Israel stalled, delayed, hampered and inhibited — if not […]

Staff Editorials

The verdict is in for the ACLU case concerning equal opportunity grants, and students have lost. Not the state of Washington, not the 10 schools named in the lawsuit, but students. This verdict could set a precedent for the removal of all state funding from students who wish to attend private educational institutions. It is […]

Women compete in Kansas

When Michael Jordan left the deep blue abyss known as college basketball and began his journey with the Chicago Bulls, no one knew the magnitude of the legacy that he was about to begin. Here, in the Falcon’s nest, the vision for the track and field program is a little more clear, and a potential […]


I love birthdays. More specifically, my birthday. The world is full of humble folk who prefer to celebrate their day of birth quietly, who dread the spotlight and let the day pass without drawing attention to themselves. I am not one of those people. I’m turning 20 tomorrow and I want everyone and their uncle […]