This elementary poem was birthed out of utter frustration on a cold, wet day this past November. I thought it an appropriate way to celebrate the nearly one hundred days of rain we’ve enjoyed this winter. Keep in mind that I’m no English major. The insanity begins when: Beating, beating, beating On my head, on […]

Scriptural dialogue is vital

More than at any time during my 21 years at Seattle Pacific, this year’s Falcon has insisted that we reflect upon the important issues of common concern in light of biblical teaching. One might disagree with how Scripture is used or interpreted in this editorial or that feature story; however, the purchase of Scripture for […]

Rowing to new horizons

Everyone knows the little nursery rhyme about the guy who is row, row, rowing his boat, gently down the stream. It’s a great theme song for the SPU crew team. The only difference is the guy in the nursery rhyme was probably rowing down a gentle stream in his own fantasy world (remember "life is […]

Closing time for Falcons

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end." When the alternative band Semisonic recorded that chorus in their song "Closing Time," they had no idea how that profound, yet simple concept could be used in basketball. But as the SPU women’s basketball team were met with their "closing time", the statement rings true. As […]