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The Falcon’s recent unscientific and random poll taken of 150 students covering student knowlege about the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) had surprising results. Among them, a large portion of the students have no idea who their elected ASSP officers are and what their jobs entail. While some students are apathetic, and will never know or care who represents them, the large number of surveys returned with an "I don’t know" filled in or simply a blank raises eyebrows.

ASSP is obviously not doing a good job of communicating and getting their constituent’s opinions if their constituents don’t even know who the ASSP officers are.

With all of the committees ASSP officers will hold positions on next year (including the President’s cabinet) ASSP must make students a priority. This includes reaching out to commuter students and other sometimes overlooked groups.

At the same time, students that want their voices heard in the student body must also respond to calls for input. If students don’t actively seek out avenues for input, their voices won’t be heard.

Student leadership and representation is a two-way road. There must be both input sought by those elected and effort shown by students to speak up and volunteer on committees.

Audio on cable

SPU’s proposed "radio" (or more accurately, "audio-on-cable") station is one of the most interesting student organizations to be proposed in The Falcon’s memory. Not only does this medium have the potential to foster student discussion and encourage the campus music scene, it’s also just plain cool.

Now it falls upon the students to make it happen. With a healthy turnout at its first two meetings, KSPU has a lot of students to work with. The Falcon eagerly supports the resurrection of a campus radio station, and looks forward to tuning in.

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