Pro-life stance needs theological motivation

In tackling the vicious opponent of abortion, The Falcon presented some very interesting topics concerning the problem. Many hit on the emotional, psychological, social, alternative and legal issues regarding abortion.

Yet, I wish that there was an emphasis on the moral and foremost theological positions on abortion, especially because we are a mostly Christian community, seeking the truth of God with respect to the realities of this world. So, I will seek first the kingdom of God and make his will the forefront of my thoughts. As I try to think with the mind of God, I ask myself — can I honestly give my fellow neighbors the legal right to commit perhaps the most barbarous act conceivable?

God, in all his magnificence, could not possibly look upon the act of abortion with favor. The miracle of conception, the continuation of God’s most prized creation (man), must be dignified! While in the womb, this creation is simply the first stage of humanity. God’s creation process is so amazing and awe inspiring that it alone could convert someone’s soul to the power of an Almighty Creator.

Yet man, in his selfish justification, chooses to blaspheme and literally suck out that blessed creation.

What if Mary, out of suspicion and fear, decided to abort our Savior? Even if it was immediately after God planted his seed in her womb, would it have been right?

If we revere God’s creation, we can logically say that such humanity should be respected as our neighbor. If so, we should love our neighbor as ourselves, according to Jesus’ command. Therefore, we should also love our enemy (Matthew 5:44).

In the case of abortion, the innocent creation of God is the enemy. Since it has intruded one’s personal peace and affluence, it has become the enemy. Just like slaves were sub-human and the potential enemy of the system, their owners thought they could violate their rights. How illegitimate! Does God give us that right? Just as slavery is morally and theologically wrong, abortion is morally and theologically wrong.

There is no "special time" when abortion is OK. Medical doctors should not try to distinguish when life is non-life, because when viewing that zygote as being completely human, one cannot draw an arbitrary line. The starting point is at conception. Yet man, through his own volition, can terminate it if he wants. Though it is our decision, God created society and allowed us to enforce the basic laws of life. If we arbitrarily say that abortion before the third trimester is OK, then there are no absolutes to judge society with respect to the sanctity of life.

"If there are no absolutes by which to judge society, then society is absolute" said theologian Francis Schaeffer. As man becomes the center of the world, he puts himself above God’s law and grace.

The Evangelical Christian consensus on abortion is widely recognized as being pro-life. And granted, the majority of Seattle Pacific students are pro-life.

I simply urge that we should focus primarily on the theological motivations behind our belief. With a firm theological foundation, we can set aside less important issues like emotional setback, financial insecurity and future hardships because we realize that God will care for His children in time of need. This allows us to focus on the ultimate good behind something unwanted.

Even though it will be hard, there will be another beautiful child of God, made in his image, with his spirit indwelling, on this planet. This is one issue where we as Christians can unify and influence the community, even the world, with our fervent love and value of the human creation.

I exhort people to become passionate about being pro-life. Just as God was passionate when he created Adam, so passionate must we be about the continuance of God’s greatest creation.

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