SPU resurrects radio station

Students of Seattle Pacific University may soon sit in their rooms while listening to live music and talk shows hosted by fellow students. This is the hope of students who are starting up KSPU, the school’s future radio station. If plans move along as hoped, the station could begin broadcasting by the middle of spring […]

Banner delays registration

Students trying to register via the web last week were greeted with a message informing them that Banner Information System (BIS) was experiencing technical difficulties. "We’re not sure of all the problems. We only know what we are experiencing," said University Registrar Ruth Adams in response to the recent outage. Dave Tindall, executive director of […]

What does ASSP do for students?

As of next year, about $180 of all full time students’ tuition will go toward the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) budget. This 1.226 percent of students’ tuition will make up ASSP’s total budget of $431,000. Almost half of this budget funds student payroll of ASSP and the rest funds operations. ASSP provides many […]

What does ASSP do for students?

Do you know who Jeff Nelson is? Do you know who the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) vice president of campus ministries is? If not, you’re not alone. After The Falcon conducted an unscientific random survey of 137 students, results showed that 76 percent of students did not know that Jeff Nelson was the […]

Old Testament relevant as guide

As followers of Christ, we Christians spend much time and effort poring over the timeless principles contained in the books of the New Testament, searching for godly wisdom by which to live our lives. This is an entirely noble endeavor which should not be neglected, for these words are the essence of truth and life, […]

Falwell warns against Teletubbies

I just found out that the television shows I watched growing up contained 007-style hidden gay messages. Conservative Christian activist Dr. Jerry Falwell recently warned the world against the latest gay-promoting show, "Teletubbies." I had never heard of these furry little creatures with televisions for tummies until I read his accusation that these were spring […]