Athletes of the Week

Drake Hudgins

Something happens when men go to college. Mom sends off one of those cute senior in high school guys with the tan pants and checked shirt, but when Christmas rolls around and the boy comes home, mom is met with one of the Garbage Pail Kids. Sitting on the bench Junior Drake Hudgins looks like the average, messy college guy. The hair-out of control. The arms-tattooed. But on the basketball court, Hudgins really knows how to clean up. Hudgins recently hit a career-high 25 points against Humboldt State, scoring six points in a row late in the first half to bring the Falcons within a few points at half-time. In the past four games, Hudgins has connected on 10 of his 20 three-point attempts, and is currently averaging 11.2 points per game, giving him the third highest average on the team. Of the 100 shots Hudgins has put up from behind the arc, he has connected on 43.

Shana Ray

Goodbye. When an athlete says that simple word of departure, it is usually a sad event. Sometimes the sad part isn’t that they are leaving, but the fact that they stuck around until their skill began its downward spiral. Think Charles Barkley. But some athletes know exactly when to leave, and know exactly how to do it. Think Michael Jordan. Think Shana Ray. When Shana Ray said "good-bye" to SPU this past weekend, she did it in a way that would make even MJ proud. In her last home appearance Ray came in for a team-high 10 points against Western Oregon, giving her a combined 46 points for the past three games, shooting 58 percent from the field. She finished at No. 5 in the Pac West for assists/turnover ratio (1.43), No. 6 for assists (4.9), No 7 in free throw percentage (.778) and No.9 in scoring, averaging 13.7 points per game, the second highest on the team.

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