What does ASSP do for students?

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The phone system being our primary function, we, the Uni-Com employees, receive hundreds of calls a day. With that in mind, there are a few calls that are bound to be at least somewhat amusing. In light of this, we have recorded a few of them for your entertainment. The real irony is that these […]

Leniency in policy appreciated

In my limited experience with parking tickets, I find SPU parking regulations and enforcement, from registering to ticketing, to be somewhat of a joke. Thirty minute parking signs are merely a recommendation. Visitor parking is fair game for any length of time as long as you switch spots every day or so. SPU parking ticket […]

Pro-life stance needs theological motivation

In tackling the vicious opponent of abortion, The Falcon presented some very interesting topics concerning the problem. Many hit on the emotional, psychological, social, alternative and legal issues regarding abortion. Yet, I wish that there was an emphasis on the moral and foremost theological positions on abortion, especially because we are a mostly Christian community, […]

Tax code needs revision

Once again we’ve entered that joyous time of the year — tax time! In honor of this celebrated season, I have chosen to devote some attention to our nation’s present tax code. I’m sure many of us, from time to time, have had fantasies of engaging in subversive terrorist activity with the sole intent of […]

Staff Editorials

The Falcon’s recent unscientific and random poll taken of 150 students covering student knowlege about the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) had surprising results. Among them, a large portion of the students have no idea who their elected ASSP officers are and what their jobs entail. While some students are apathetic, and will never […]

Athletes of the Week

Drake Hudgins Something happens when men go to college. Mom sends off one of those cute senior in high school guys with the tan pants and checked shirt, but when Christmas rolls around and the boy comes home, mom is met with one of the Garbage Pail Kids. Sitting on the bench Junior Drake Hudgins […]

Overcoming adversity

It was the first practice of the Oregon All-State team and things were going smoothly for Kirsten Daniel. Daniel and her teammates from the West Oregon team were in a warm-up scrimmage when Daniel was flying up the court to catch her defensive assignment. As she raced down the court she sharply turned to cut […]