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The Falcon wishes the soccer team good luck this Thursday in their game against Southern Connecticut. We’re all rooting for a victory and we thank everyone who made this soccer season such an enjoyable one.


The parking situation at Seattle Pacific has been woefully inadequate for quite some time. The parking problem is known to most, especially the commuter population, which makes up two-thirds of SPU’s students. However, what doesn’t seem to be getting much attention is the enforcement of parking violations. SPU’s "educational" fine system is well-intentioned as a way of notifying those who aren’t familiar with our parking rules. However, this system also lacks real teeth as a tool to keep people’s parking spaces available. Parking tickets aren’t always an ineffective solution, as they hold no weight with unregistered cars, and towings take time away from those who have a right to use the spaces. How can students get to campus if their already rare parking spaces are occupied by less-honest people who are not punished for their parking violations?

Do we need more parking spaces? Obviously. Can we achieve a tolerable parking situation now until new lots are constructed if parking regulations are better enforced? Definitely.

Metro Safety

Those who chose to commute to SPU without a car have no doubt heard about the recent unfortunate bus accident and shooting on the Aurora bridge near SPU. Some have questioned the safety of riding on a King County Metro Bus. This is no doubt the most hyped local story of the year and one should pause to think about Metro’s history. This is the first major accident (and death) in three decades and SPU students have used this form of transportation to get around town for just as long. King County officials are reevaluating safety issues on buses and working to keep bus rides safe. This accident should not prevent anyone from using Metro. After all, how many car accidents happen compared to one bus accident in 30 years?

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