Point Counterpoint

It isn’t obvious when looking at one of Saddam Hussein’s many elegant palaces, but Iraq is suffering. Not Iraq’s dictator, its army or Iraq’s ruling inner-circle, but its normal people. These people lack financial resources, medicine and in many areas, even food, largely because the United Nations has an economic embargo in place to prevent […]

Point Counterpoint

How ironic. President Clinton lies to America and the Speaker of the House resigns. Saddam Hussein threatens the world with lethal weapons and the United Nations is protested. The United Nation’s economic sanctions are the correct way to finally end Hussein’s reign of terror and callousness which he has inflicted not only on his own […]

Point Counterpoint

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Humility lets us seek truth

Over the past few weeks, I have read with great interest the articles written by staff and guest writers of The Falcon regarding various controversial issues and the differing arguments for each. We are privileged to be a part of a unique community of higher learning at SPU and indeed our discussions both inside and […]

Staff Editorials

With the endorsement of the Comprehensive Plan at the board of trustees’ meeting on Friday, the plan has jumped another hurdle. This unanimous vote is the another step in over 18 months of work, and the university should be pleased. Let’s hope funding will be available when the projects are ready to come to life. […]