SPU funds TC3 Thursday meals

Bridging social gaps with food, interaction

Emily Hansum, the student liaison to Tent City 3, came to senate with a proposal, this time sponsored by senators Lillian Hollar and Leanna Temple. This proposal will provide the funds for student groups to prepare and serve a meal for the Tent City 3 residents. There will be nine opportunities for students groups to […]

Remembering those serving our country

SPU receives a history lesson on Veteran’s Day

According to William Woodward, a history professor at SPU since 1974, who also served in the national guard for 25 years,Veterans Day is a time to pause and remember the importance of those who have served and those who continue to serve. Currently serving as the president of the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild, Woodward presented […]


SEA NOW comes to SPU

Seattle Worship group provides space for fellowship, prayer

On a calm and breezy fall night, Hill Hall opened its doors to the Seattle Night of Worship, transforming the lobby into an intimate setting. String lights dimly illuminated the space while chairs were set in a semi-circle fashion to face the musicians providing the worship. The lobby was open to anyone that wanted to […]

Quinn XCII energizes Neumos

Detroit-based singer, songwriter on the rise

Photos by Lauren Giese The Falcon REVIEW On a normal Monday night, Quinn XCII brought the energy to Neumos in Seattle. This Detroit-based singer and songwriter shared his unique musical taste with the city and turned the night into a memory for those who attended. In the past couple of years, Quinn XCII has been on […]


Honest discussion at risk

Fear of political correctness leads to digression of meaningful conversations

Controversy surrounds just about every topic of conversation these days. Ironically though, we are discouraged from conversing about these controversial topics. With sensitive social issues regarding race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. at the forefront of political discussion, it has become extremely difficult to maneuver day-to-day interactions. This is especially true due to the increased societal […]

Robot receives citizenship

Advances in artificial intelligence increase concerns for singularity

Singularity is a word we have heard often enough, thrown about in science fiction films, novels and television shows. Its definition as a “hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change” is something that has enthralled the human mind for quite […]


Breakin’ ankles in classic

SPU takes the reigns during the 2017 Fresno Crossover Classic

The SPU women’s basketball team traveled to Fresno, California this past week to play in the Fresno Pacific West Region Crossover Classic. The Falcons played two games in the tournament and won both. The Falcons started the weekend by taking on Humboldt State on Friday night. The score ended 69-49 as SPU pulled away from […]