‘A time to simply be together’

Just three and a half hours after a life-changing lockdown was announced, the SPU community met to pray. Almost 1,000 people filled First Free Methodist Church in the pews, the balcony and extra chairs on the stage. They stood in the foyer and along the walls of the sanctuary. When there was no more space, […]


Pickwick rocks Shapadooah

Martin Square glimmered under strands of electric light bulbs and vinyl records suspended between lampposts as Seattle-based indie rockers Pickwick took the stage at Thursday evening’s annual KSPU Spring Concert. The event occurred in conjunction with STUB’s annual Shapadooah street fair, which featured rides, games, food and a petting zoo. Earlier in the evening, up-and-coming […]

Senior’s life defined by adaptability

Adaptability is hanging out with your older cousins as an elementary schooler and them preventing you from passing the joint because “you’re different from us.” Adaptability is being sent to a predominately-white school against your will while you lived in a neighborhood where there wasn’t a white student until eighth grade. Adaptability is carrying the […]


Editorial comment

The Falcon’s goals in producing this special issue of the newspaper are to memorialize Paul Lee and to provide a record of the SPU community’s response to Thursday’s tragedy. It is our hope that thoughtful coverage will contribute to the healing process. As students and as reporters, we’ve struggled with how to approach covering this. […]